4TLOM Thanda’s Entry Video

4 The Love Of Movement is an event held in De Uithof in the Netherlands. The event is exactly what it says on the tin and allows practitioners to go to a place to meet other Parkour practitioners whilst sharing skills and gaining them too. It has lots of great equipment both inside and outside with other activities also being available. It’s basically THE festival experience for someone who is really into their Parkour. You can get T-shirts and goodies and get fed and watered! What more could you want?

For the reasons stated above is why our very own Thanda has applied to help out at then event with his unique skill set and years of experience. He along with Rabin (head coach, camrea man and video editor) have made a video for submission. Check out the flowy Thanda and Rabin’s awesome media skills in this beautifully simple video below.


If you are interested in attending the event, you can find out more details here: 4TLOM 2015

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