Chelmsford Easter Events Sessions

We are holding 2 1hr long sessions today (1st April) at Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre as part of their Easter events!

6yrs – 11yrs 14:00 – 15:00

Here we will be covering the basics, then getting on to the obstacles. We will then play some games involving Parkour so you can use your skills that you have learned!!

11yrs+ 15:00 – 16:00

We will also be going through the basics and then getting on to the obstacles, but we will try to challenge everyone and see if we can put you through your paces!

How to book

Just turn up at the Atheltics Centre and book your place. The 6-11 class is very booked up so it might be better to call before hand, but you can always be transferred on to the older course and we will cater for you so that you don’t lose out!!

Contact and Directions

To contact the centre about Easter events or anything else please call: 01245 605666

The address is:

Salerno Way,

And don’t forget that there is a running track, badminton courts, fully equipped gym, weights room and other Easter events going on today as well, so if you wish to join not only will you access to all of that, wish a premium membership you also get access to other sports centres with climbing walls, swimming pools the lot!

See you there!!


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