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Landing Season

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The theme and aim to our sessions over the next month or so will be Landing as shown by the wonderful Aaron Palmer in the photo below.



Landing is very large part of Parkour and one that is taken for granted. We spend so much time focusing on the jump and the climb that we never really take in to consideration how difficult, both technically and physically, a landing truly is. As the great Isaac Newton said “What goes up must come down”, and not a truer word spoken. However, it’s not just that we have to land, but also the fact that landing often takes more muscle, energy and precision than the jump in the first place.

When jumping you have to generate enough power to lift your body off of the ground. For arguments sake we’ll say that you have top be able to lift 150% of your body weight within half a second. This would be an average, level standing precision jump. To land the same jump you would probably need to absorb around 200% within half a second and do some whilst trying to stabilise yourself using many different muscle from your feet through your ankles and knees the whole way up to your back.

This is a standard level precision but on running jumps and down precisions the scales tip much further, so much so that you could use 6-10 times more muscle int he landing than in the jump! Whilst being accurate and balanced. Pretty mad stuff.

What we’ll be doing

We will be challenging your ability to land on many different surfaces from many different angles and velocities to really test your ability to land and improve you movement vocabulary. We will also be running through great warm-ups and strength and power building exercises to increase your jump and landing ability.

See you in class traceurs and traceuses!

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