Parkour films to watch over the holiday!

As promised here are some of our favourite Parkour films to watch over the Easter break. These are what made us start Parkour and hopefully you will enjoy them too! (Sorry for the lateness of this post).

District 13 AKA Banlieue 13

District 13 is the first Parkour  film. It’s actually about a run down area that the government are trying to get rid of because of crime rates and such, but Leito (played by David Belle a co-creator of Parkour) and a policeman Damien (Cyril Raffaelli) try to save the district and turn it around. It’s a really cool film with some great stunts in.

If you have seen Brick Mansions then this is the original before they ruined it! If you haven’t seen Brick Mansions then don’t!

You can buy this Parkour film on-line here for under £3: DVD-Bibi-Naceri/dp/B000GRU0Z2/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1427618582&sr=8- 1&keywords=district+13

Jump London

This was the first documentary created by the BBC to show Parkour to the UK. This is what caught a lot of people’s attention and got the ball rolling for people. Sebastien Foucan (another co-creator of Parkour) leads a group of Traceurs around to show what Parkour is all about. Sebastien is responsible for creating the name Freerunning. It actually means the same thing as Parkour and they are NOT different things! He just made it so that English people would remember the phrase better.

You can view this Parkour film on-line here:

Jump Britain

This is the second BBC documentary that Sebastien did. This, as the name implies, was takinng Parkour around the country and showcasing it in various landmarks. One of our team Luke Markey was actually in this one and can be seen with very blonde hair falling over a lot!

You can view this Parkour film on-line here:


These are some of the Parkour films that got a lot of the guys in Team Traceur started. These are our origins and I don’t know where we would be without them. They bring back so many memories of friendships developing, places that we traveled to together and the pure passion to be experts in movement. The passion hasn’t gone away and we still love and respect the origins of our movement. Now you, our student, can be inspired and try to create you own movement.

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