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Hello Traceurs! We have a couple of exciting updates for you. The first of which is that our blog posts will now also be being sent out via our email newsletter system. We hope that this will enable us to keep you better up to date with fun and exciting content and let you know when new events, classes and workshops are on the horizon.

You are welcome at any time to reply to one of these emails with any questions you have about the content and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

In order to try and keep you all further up to date on classes information and with the hope of creating better opportunities for you to share ideas and ask us questions we have created 4 new Facebook groups that you’re all welcome to join.

We have one group for each of our 4 Parkour Clubs, Braintree, Chelmsford, Colchester and Maldon. Please feel free to join any of the groups in order to communicate with your fellow Traceurs and ask your coaches any questions you may have.

Click on anyone of the images bellow to join!

We have a whole host of extra classes, workshops and events happening this summer and we have a whole new page dedicated to it all.

You can find this page here:

One of the parts we are most excited about are our Summer Jams!

The Summer Jams are hugely exciting for us at Team Traceur. Every Monday of the school summer holidays we invite all of our students, from all our classes throughout Essex and anyone else, to come socialise and train together in a relaxed and awesome Parkour environment, for 3 whole hours!

If more scaffolding, vault boxes, mats and blocks than you know what to do with sounds exciting to you, then don’t miss out!

Who: Participants must aged 11+ or a member or our 11+ classes.
Where: Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre, CM1 2EH
When: Every Monday of the school summer holidays (July 20th to August 24th), 11:30am until 2:30pm.
How Much: £15pp per session.

Be sure to check out the page as you will find information about the extra classes we have running at Chelmsford Sports and Athletics Centre, Braintree Leisure Centre and all over the Maldon District.

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