#TOTW 11/05/15 – Flips

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Hello Traceurs and Traceuses!! This week’s theme is Flips!


Now I know that there will be a lot of people getting really excited and others that will be a bit scared, but please read below to find out why this is a theme.

In Parkour we can fall a lot. These falls do not need to be followed by bad injuries as we only take risks that we are comfortable and confident with. If we are to build up a library of reflexes in our heads and bodies of what to do when we fall then we need to experience being in multiple axis and experience all types of rotation and trajectory as who knows what position we will be in when falling.

Cats are masters of falling and are able to rotate themselves to ensure that most of the time they land on their feet. Why are cats so good at saving themselves from falling? Because they have the instinct written in their DNA and have spent their kitten years testing and trialling this instinct which results in fine-tuned movement.

Flips are fun we know, but they require a lot of strength, flexibility, technique and patience to get them right. However, once you get them they can be more useful that you know – until you fall and use the technique, then you’ll know! We don’t teach them so you can show off to boys and girls, we teach them so that you can push the boundaries of your training with the reassurance of a contingency plan.

See you in class!!

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