#TOTW 18/05/15 – Climbing

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This week’s Theme Of The Week is climbing!!


Unfortunately we don’t get to do much climbing in our indoor classes as we don’t have use of the climbing walls and our equipment isn’t very tall, but we can certainly show you some great ways to build strength and technique for these movements. Climbing also encompasses many different things in Parkour e.g. catleaps, pole climbing and if it’s too high to vault, you climb!

Climbs ups are a great way to build strength but are also very useful because you need to be able get on top of obstacles not just to them! Muscle ups are another useful move but are much harder as you don’t have the use of your legs. As you can guess there will be a lot of use from your arms so be prepared! Climbing is one of the key parts of Parkour and it’s also one of the best exercises you can do.

See you at class!


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