#TOTW – 22/06/15 – Cat-Leaps

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Hello traceurs!! This week’s theme is Cat-leaps!


We will be looking at cat-leaps in different scenarios. We will be doing 180° cats as well as normal cat-leaps. We can still test your distance into cat-leaps so we can all have a bit of competitive fun as well as self-progression.

If you are new and are not quite sure what a cat-leap in or why you would do it then don’t worry, this will all be explained in thorough in class but here is a basic explanation: Jumping towards a wall feet first. The feet contact the side whilst your hands then grip the top so that you are hanging off of it. This then usually means you are getting up on top or over using a climb-up technique.

Here is a video to get you going:


See you in class traceurs!!

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