#TOTW 23/03/15 Perseverance

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This week’s theme is Perseverance. Why Perseverance? Because it can be defined as “steady and continued action or belief over the course of time and especially despite difficulties or setbacks”. This is all good but what can you gain from persevering? You can achieve your goals! There is a reason that you are trying to do something in the first place so if you can just continue to do so despite the setbacks you can achieve your goals and what’s more, you can be a stronger and better person because of the journey you have been on.


I heard a saying recently,

     “If you study a chosen subject for an hour a day for five years, you can be an expert in that field.”

Now this saying doesn’t mean that with something like Parkour you can just study it as you have to move around and feel what’s right instead of just reading about it, but the message is clear; practice something for an hour each day or week and you can achieve your goals. You just have to persevere and continue with it.

This week will be coupling perseverance with repetition. We will be choosing some movements over basic obstacles and making sure that everyone is challenged until they are proficient with that movement. This will be a high intensity exercise and you will be having as many goes as possible until we give you a “reflection break” which is your time to calm down and figure out what you are doing good and bad, how far you have come in this brief period of time and figure out your next steps. For anyone who is having real difficulty, we will be going through the movements in depth so that you can get tips then practice over and over.

Sebastien Foucan (a co-creator of Parkour) accidentally coined the phrase “this is why repetition is very important” whilst trying to do a handspring to catleap/arm jump on the T.V. documentary jump Britain in 2005. He couldn’t have been more right, and all of the TT guys have used this phrase many times (in a French accent) when someone finally gets a move they have been trying for ages.

We are sure that you will have fun in this high intensity, challenging and productive theme. We can’t wait to teach it!

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