#TOTW 27/04/2015 – Passement

It’s Monday again and that means it’s time for this week’s theme! This one is one of the most fundamental parts of Parkour and it is Passement.

You will have heard us say many times that Parkour is all about overcoming obstacles and Passement is possibly the simplest form of this.

What is it?

So you may have guessed, due to Parkour’s origins, that Passement is a French word and was the term used by the founders of Parkour to describe passing over low to medium sized obstacles, often with speed and usually very smoothly. The closest word we have in the English language is vaulting, but Passement encompasses more than just vaulting. Mainly as vaulting requires you to have contact with the obstacles, whereas Passement does not.

In modern Parkour you will often notice that every movement has a name, in terms of Passement, Speed Vault, lazy vault and some even have loads of names, Kong/Monkey/Cat-Pass/… Well in the beginning the founders did not (or at least not so much) refer to all the moves with specific names. They referred to movements more in what we could call genres of movement. For example, a few weeks ago we encountered the genre Lâcher, which encompassed all swinging movements, well Passement is a similar genre of movement that encompasses vaulting and more.

So during this week’s lessons we will be focusing on some of the techniques used for Passement in detail and look towards you being able to move over almost any wall or barrier in your path!

See you at class Traceurs!

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