#TOTW – 29/06/15 – Going The Distance

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This week’s Theme of the Week is Going The Distance!

Going The Distance

We will be looking at how to get distance in and out of vaults. We have seen that some of our students are experimenting with diving kongs, dive rolls and trying to work up to vault to precisions. Therefore, why not teach it?

Diving into vaults can put a lot of pressure of your shoulders and arms so, if done with poor technique, you could find yourself kissing the ground (and not in a thankful way). These kind of vaults look great and work brilliantly when trying overcome distance, increase and speed. Most of all these vaults feel particularly good because you have that flying feeling. They can however be quite scary, how do you know if you can take the force?  How do you know if you have the right technique? The trick is to start small and work it up because these vaults really require full commitment to avoid all sorts of nasty injuries.

Getting distance out of vaults is one of the most important uses for vaults other than just getting over an obstacle. Chances are you are trying to get somewhere fast or get on to something, so vaults like kong – precision are pretty useful, especially when taking your training outside as it opens up your training spots to a whole new level of fun!

Here is a video to whet your appetite:

There are plenty of nice kongs in this video. Mainly to get distance, but also used for connecting moves.

See you in class Traceurs!!


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