Why try Parkour?

Today’s world is a strange place with technology getting more advanced by the day, computer games are now full length stories with a-list actors cast to play roles and code is being taught in primary schools. So why is it that people is this ever-changing world of automation and complication are looking for a simple, holistic discipline like Parkour? It’s the same reason that people are going back to buying locally raised grass-fed meat and gluten free produce; because we over-complicated things that are best left in their simple form.

Parkour on the face of things is a simplistic movement that the practitioner uses to overcome obstacles in his or her path. They do this by jumping, vaulting and swinging through their environment, so very simple! However, like everything in life, these simple movements are held up by foundations of a journey full of testing, failing, re-testing, loosing track, getting back on track, helping, being helped and everything else that comes with self-discovery and passion.

So why do it?

If you have already been sold then you are the kind of person that likes a challenge – great! If you are this kind of person then you are probably hard-working and aspirational and you fight for things you want, so Parkour can allow you to exit this stress and focus your energy on pure enjoyment whilst sub-consciously problem solving everyday life. If you are the kind of person that isn’t “sporty” or enjoys computing – great! This is a great way to introduce yourself to movement and sports as it is very chilled out, fun and you can pretend you are in Assassin’s Creed, not to mention the social group that can be gained from training at classes and jams. If you are a fitness freak – great! Parkour is a holistic movement using every part of your body. It requires great mobility and strength (as well as mental strength) so you can challenge yourself in new movements and workouts that you may have never thought of. Lastly, if you are female – great! Although Parkour has been male dominated up until this point, it looks like it won’t be that way for long with female athletes such as Katie Mcdonnell, Fizz Hood and Shirley Rowat-Darlington spear-heading female Parkour in the UK with strength, agility and control way above the average athlete level.

Parkour isn’t for a specific type of person, it doesn’t discriminate. Male, female, tall, short, large, small, abled, disabled, athlete or average Joe – everyone is welcome and everyone can excel, so start your journey now.

Quick list of benefits:

  • Helps get fit
  • Helps athletes get better
  • Helps co-ordination
  • Gives a new perspective on life and everyday surroundings
  • Can be used to tackle youth crime
  • Can be used to develop the skills of people with disabilities
  • Is for any shape, size, ability and race
  • Helps problem solve everyday problems
  • Helps with cognitive function
  • Most of all – it’s fun!

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